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3 x Scend Better Me Planner – Bulk 3 Month Pack

Daily self-care journal to help you make small but meaningful daily changes to work towards achieving your well-being goals.

  • Stay on track with your daily well-being activities
  • Manage incremental change
  • Form healthy habits



We made our friends and family try it
- here’s what they had to say

“I felt a very real change in my perception. My vision seemed sharper and I felt more grounded and present than usual. It also lifted my mood and helped me focus better.”

- Dominic Walsh

“Rise was unbelievable in how focused and happy I felt when taking it. Highly recommended to anyone who struggles to focus.”

- Celeste Scholtz Burger

"I was able to start operating and switching into gear sooner in the day. I experienced a general raise in mood and increased productivity levels with no midday crash."

- Anthony Artemides

“I’d recommend it to anyone interested in getting more out of their days, improving their mental performance, and getting better rest.”

- James Mallett


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