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Scend Mental Focus

(5 customer reviews)

Capsules containing a powerful combination of Lion’s Mane mushroom, Bacopa Monnieri, Vitamin B6 and more to promote optimal brain health, boost productivity and stimulate high levels of focus and awareness.

  • Improve brain health and concentration
  • Increase cognition and memory
  • Enhance focus and awareness






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Mental Focus

We made our friends and family try it
- here’s what they had to say

“I felt a very real change in my perception. My vision seemed sharper and I felt more grounded and present than usual. It also lifted my mood and helped me focus better.”

- Dominic Walsh

“Rise was unbelievable in how focused and happy I felt when taking it. Highly recommended to anyone who struggles to focus.”

- Celeste Scholtz Burger

"I was able to start operating and switching into gear sooner in the day. I experienced a general raise in mood and increased productivity levels with no midday crash."

- Anthony Artemides

“I’d recommend it to anyone interested in getting more out of their days, improving their mental performance, and getting better rest.”

- James Mallett

5 reviews for Scend Mental Focus

  1. Anthony Artemides

    Honestly been the biggest game-changer in my day-to-day living. This product has made running a 10 – 12 hour shift a breeze. Sustained energy through the day without any midday dip.

    Another noticeable comment to leave is as the product wears off you don’t feel any severe dip in mood or for lack of a better term, ‘come down’.

    Also, for any golfers this product has aided my rounds immensely. Allows me to stay focused and concentrated throughout the round. Without having any negative effects that other products have like increased heart rate or feeling slightly anxious.

    Recommend this product for anyone wanting to take ownership of their busy schedule.

  2. Jessica Macaulay

    Such a fantastic product! I’ve been looking for something to increase my mental focus for ages and finally found something that works. Would highly recommend.

  3. Rowan

    This product has taken my work ethic to the next level. I am able to focus on my task with more determination and motivation than I had before. It’s made tough work days more bearable and enabled me to deal with high-stress situations with ease and a calmness that settles the situation. 12/10 would strongly recommend!

  4. Jackie

    I absolutely love this product. The effects are gentle yet effective. Unlike conventional options, you get all the positives without unwanted side effects. I am better able to concentrate on the task at hand and not get distracted, and it also makes big tasks feel more enjoyable as I am more present and engaged.

  5. Kayleigh (verified owner)

    Since starting these tablets I can feel a difference in energy levels & at the same time helps make feel calm. It’s the perfect kick start to get you through a long day. I definitely recommend it to anyone who has low energy levels.

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