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Habit Formation Program

Ready to form healthy habits and build lasting change?

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How the Habit Formation Program works

The Habit Formation Program is an email tool kit which provides practical, simple, actionable methods and strategies to help you incorporate well-being activities, conscious actions and practices into your day-to-day life. 


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A ‘better you’ begins by joining the Healthy Habit Formation Program which is dedicated to helping you form habits that last.


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Buddy up

Invite your friends to join you to exchange ideas, encourage one another, and hold each other accountable along the way.


Habit formation

Define your version of fulfilment

Discover what activities truly bring you joy and fulfilment, and articulate them to set clear goals and intentions.


Habit formation

Make a meaningful commitment to yourself

Choose a habit that aligns with your values and commit to making a change.


Habit formation

Prepare your environment

Set yourself up for success by creating an environment that supports your new habit.


Habit formation

Prepare your state of mind

Get mentally prepared for the challenge ahead by visualizing success and staying positive.


Habit formation

Scale-down your commitment

Break down your commitment into smaller, practical steps that are easier to implement.


Habit formation

Track your progress

Proactively track your progress, whilst preparing for challenges you might face.

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What's better, it's backed by research and science

The Science of Change and Habit Formation

“Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement – it’s the good and bad things that we do each and every day that compound over time to create real change.”


– Atomic Habits by James Clear

Forming Healthy Habits

Often, many people struggle with creating and maintaining healthy habits because their eyes are set on the end-goal only. It is important to focus on the journey just as much as the destination.

Live with intention

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