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Powerful Nootropics to Improve Focus & Cognition

Experience the benefits of our carefully crafted nootropic blends, backed by science and manufactured with international quality ingredients in a GMP-certified facility. 

Our nootropic blends are specifically designed to support optimal brain function, allowing you to think faster, recall information more easily, and retain new knowledge with greater efficiency. Say goodbye to those foggy days and embrace a new era of mental clarity and brilliance.

Staying sharp in today’s fast-paced world is essential. Scend’s nootropic blends provide a natural energy boost, keeping you alert and aware throughout the day. With heightened awareness, you’ll be ready to tackle challenges head-on, make better decisions, and stay ahead of the curve in all aspects of your life.

Distractions are everywhere, but Scend’s nootropic formulas help you cut through the noise and maintain laser-like focus. Our blends promote increased concentration, allowing you to stay on task and achieve your goals more efficiently. Unlock your potential and see the powerful impact of enhanced focus on your work, studies, or personal projects.

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“I felt a very real change in my perception. My vision seemed sharper and I felt more grounded and present than usual. It also lifted my mood and helped me focus better.”

- Dominic Walsh

“Rise was unbelievable in how focused and happy I felt when taking it. Highly recommended to anyone who struggles to focus.”

- Celeste Scholtz Burger

"I was able to start operating and switching into gear sooner in the day. I experienced a general raise in mood and increased productivity levels with no midday crash."

- Anthony Artemides

“I’d recommend it to anyone interested in getting more out of their days, improving their mental performance, and getting better rest.”

- James Mallett

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Mental health support

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We’ve partnered with Ollie Health to bring you a powerful combination of Scend products, with access to Ollie Health’s mental wellness support platform.

What’s Scend?
This is what we believe in

At Scend, our purpose is to guide people toward a better day-to-day life experience. We understand that there are many challenges in life and nobody’s problems are less or more important than the next. That’s why we aim to understand or feel what you are experiencing from within your frame of reference.

Helpful well-being tips and tools

The 8 Dimensions of Well-being

Just like everything in an ecosystem is connected, the 8 dimensions in the well-being ‘ecosystem’ are connected as well. They cannot function alone. Our feelings of vitality and health are shaped by our daily practices, the quality of our relationships, and our connection with the environment we live in.

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